Wonder Woman Gal Gadot takes her duties to to real life as she takes a stand on the sexual harassment cases and allegations in Hollywood - specifically on director and producer Brett Ratner.

Recently accused by other actresses such as Ellen Page and Olivia Munn, Ratner has cut ties with Warner Bros. and may soon see a quick end in his co-production partnership on Wonder Woman as Gal Gadot takes a stand against sexual harassment.

According to a report by Page Six, Gal Gadot refuses to sign a contract on the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel unless Brett Ratner is completely off the production. The star is "taking a strong stance on sexual harassment in Hollywood and doesn’t want her hit 'Wonder Woman' franchise to benefit a man accused of sexual misconduct."

An insider from Warner Bros. told the publication that Gadot knew "the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner [was] in the wallet. She also knows that Warner Bros. has to side with her on this issue as it develops. They can’t have a movie rooted in women’s empowerment being part-financed by a man ­accused of sexual misconduct against women.”

Just last month, Gadot voiced her opinion on bullying and sexual harassment on Instagram. Check the post below.

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