Think you know Game of Thrones? Think again. Our sister site ScreenCrush just compiled a five-minute video of little-known facts about the HBO show that may surprise even the most hardcore fans.

Did you know that the series' author, George R.R. Martin, gave the showrunners a GoT test before allowing them to make the television show? Seriously: The showrunners were able to convince Martin to let them create the series by correctly telling him the true identity of Jon Snow's real mom, proving that they were "true fans" of the book. How George R.R. Martin of him.

As it turns out, all three men have a pretty awesome relationship — considering showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss write every episode per season but one. Guess who pens that one? Oh, just George R.R. Martin. Pretty freaking cool, if you ask us.

Speaking of Martin, Peter Dinklage was his first choice to play Tyrion — a role which has garnered the actor both an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Fans are well- aware of the insane amount of bloodshed that occurs during the series, but did you know that actress Emilia Clarke was once so covered in the stuff that she literally got stuck to a toilet seat during one of the breaks? Equal parts embarrassing and hilarious if you ask us. #GameOfThronesProblems for sure.

Okay, superfans: You think you know Game of Thrones? Watch the video above to test your knowledge! And then impress all of your friends.