It’s Friday once more, PopCrush readers, which means we’re (web) surfing a big ol’ wave of brand new tunes! If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of songs, desperate to know which tracks and videos deserve your attention, consider this your life preserver: Below, discover the best songs #NewMusicFriday has to offer.

"No Horses," Garbage
Featuring sandpaper licks of sinister trip hop, iconic rock band Garbage ride in like the horsemen (and horsewoman) of the apocalypse on "No Horses," an absolute electro-rock banger that explodes into a post-industrial political war cry halfway through. "This is the apocalypse / This is the apocalypse," Shirley warns over an exhilarating, skittering wasteland of electronics.

"Body," Loreen
Swedish dance diva Loreen returns to form on "Body," an exotic electronic banger that gallops onto the dance floor. Magnetic and sexually-charged, Loreen's vocals get sliced and diced later on in the track as they begin to stutter over the frantic club beat.

"Overdressed," TWINKIDS
Experimental Los Angeles pop duo deliver intoxicating, sugary electronica on the lush, romantic "Overdressed." Featuring airy vocals, chopped up beats and tripped out, wobbling synths, the track sounds like Tokyo in the neon-lit '80s, but also in the space-age future.

"Go To Hell," Empress Of
Soulful dream-pop queen Empress Of tells the know-it-alls and haters where to stick it on "Go To Hell," a humid, twinkling, tropical little anthem that rails against unwanted input. "Tell me about my potential / And if you were me what you would do," the singer coos in in her gossamer hue, sweet sarcasm dripping from her teeth. "You love the sound of your own voice / Is this conversation an interview?"

"The Moments I'm Missing," Nina Nesbitt Ft. Goody Grace
Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt opens up on "The Moments I'm Missing," a refreshingly autobiographical R&B-pop ballad recounting her upbringing and rise to fame. Nina's voice aches tenderly as she reminisces about being sixteen and dancing until her feet hurt, using a fake ID to get into clubs with her best friend and being caught up in all the motions along the way. It's bittersweet and nostalgic.

"Rendezvous," Rainsford
Los Angeles indie pop singer Rainsford sings about getting "tongue tied" around that special someone on her sexy, crystalline new single, "Rendezvous." "I'll let you pick the place and time / I don't care if we cross that line," she croons over sparkling synth-pop. It's a breezy slice of '80s-inspired pop that makes you want to drive down the California coast with your crush in the passenger seat.

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