Gavin DeGraw has released the music video for 'Fire,' one of three new tracks off his forthcoming greatest hits album titled 'Finest Hour: The Best of Gavin DeGraw.' The album will be released on Oct. 21.

The music video is centered around three professional women who work hard and play hard. We see a female firefighter, doctor and an architect beat down by the stresses of their job. But after a long day, they're not ready to call it a night. The three meet up in a locker room where it's revealed that they are team members for a women's roller derby team. They're fierce competitors and in the name of teamwork, look after one another during their matchup with another team.

The video fits in with the spirit of the song, as the lyrics serve as an inspirational message of rising above the competition. DeGraw sings, "Let's start a riot tonight / A pack of lions tonight / In this world, he who stops, won't get anything he wants / Play like the top one percent / Till nothings left to spent / Take it all, ours to take, celebrate."

Click on the video above to check out the latest from Gavin DeGraw.

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