Singer Gavin DeGraw, braving the frigid cold with "keep warm" accessories like a knit beanie atop his head and a beard on his face, performed the title track from his new album 'Make a Move' at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Nov. 28) this morning, standing on a float and jumping up and down as he sang.

Did anyone else notice that DeGraw appeared to be lip-synching during his performance? But we're not going to fault him for that.

These types of live, fast-paced events have a lot of moving parts -- literally, since the floats are mobile -- and the margin for error is slim. So we wouldn't be shocked or disappointed if DeGraw or any of his fellow performers were not singing live for the millions of viewers who were snug in their homes on a freezing day!

Nevertheless, DeGraw was the first pop act to perform, coming after an entertaining slate of Broadway singers and dancers.