Hey, TaeTiSeo aren't the only Girls' Generation members dabbling outside of the K-Pop troupe: It's officially Yoona's time to shine.

The talented singer and actress, who's already become a household name thanks to her many roles in television dramas and commercials, has finally released the first solo single of career in the form of "Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway," a sweetly-sung guitar-led collaboration with acoustic-folk singer-songwriter duo, 10cm. (Fun fact for those wondering about that name, that's the height difference between the two members.)

Considering the sudden wave of warmth (well, here in the Northeast at least), there couldn't be a more suiting song for the changing season. The track is full of sweet nothings wrapped around warm melodies — it's a pleasant breeze of fresh, lovey-dovey air.

The song was released as part of SM Entertainment's new SM Station, a digital music channel project launched in February supplying weekly singles from SM Entertainment artists every Friday in 2016.

The story behind the song is pretty cute, too: According to folklore (via AllKPop), couples who walk the walkway together are fated to break up. But Yoona and her sweetie? They're unbothered.

"Softly to me, tell me, I love you, like the blue sky and that sunshine, I will always be with you," they cheerfully croon.

No one to walk down the walkway with? Same. But, don't worry: The accompanying video is sort of like heading out on an intimate date with Yoona, so grab your camera and get to snappin' and walkin' to the tune of her uplifting tune. Oh, l'amour!