Ricky Martin teams up with Santana (Naya Rivera) for this 'Glee' cover of Madonna's Spanish-tinged 'La Isla Bonita' in 'The Spanish Teacher.' The track is a slightly uptempo version of Madge's original 1987 hit.Martin plays Spanish night school teacher David Martinez in the highly anticipated episode, in which he'll teach the McKinley High students all about shaking their bon bons and rolling their rs.

Rivera takes over for the second verse. The problem is, she sings so softly that the music overpowers her usually strong voice. Martin returns for the chorus and saves the song from fading into the background and being forgotten. When she sings, "Your Spanish lullaby" without Martin's help, it almost works too well and puts the listener to sleep.

Rivera's next verse is in linguistically flawless Spanish, but Martin is clearly the star of this show -- he vocally dominates her for the entire track. While the duet may make sense within the context of the episode (it premieres tonight at 8PM EST), in terms of mere musicality, the song easily would have earned five stars if Martin performed it solo.


Listen to Glee Cast, 'La Isla Bonita' Feat. Ricky Martin