Jane Lynch will be releasing her upcoming memoir, Happy Accidents, on Sept. 13 and in it she shares details about her addiction to alcohol and NyQuil.

The 'Glee' star says she was dependent on alcohol, but stopped drinking in 1991 at age 31. Still, her addiction manifested itself in other ways. “I did, however, continue my habit of taking NyQuil before bed," she says in the book. "Though no longer drinking Miller Lite, I was still in need of something to soothe me. The fact that NyQuil had alcohol in it was not something I acknowledged at all. I still considered myself on the wagon.”

Her addiction got the best of her when she moved to New York City to play Carol Brady on stage in 'The Real Live Brady Bunch.' After the show opened, she recalls a night out with her castmates that ended up being the final straw. "I smoked myself into oblivion that night," she admits. "I still felt like crap and even lonelier than I had felt before."

Lynch eventually found help through Alcoholics Anonymous, and has lived a sober life for nearly 10 years. "Relatively speaking, my personal bottom was rather benign," she said in an Interview with More magazine in 2010. She said she would joke at AA meetings, "Had I known I'd be telling my story over and over again, I would have made it a lot better."