When Nicki Minaj refused to perform at Hot 97's Summer Jam at Lil Wayne's insistence, the hip-hop world went into a frenzy. The cancellation was a reaction to some derogatory comments toward Minaj from one of the station's DJs, Peter Rosenberg -- and he isn't backing down from his words. Neither is fellow DJ Funkmaster Flex.

Flex made comments about Minaj following her pull-out on Sunday. “We ain’t f---n’ with commercial rappers no more,” Flex ranted during his DJ set at Summer Jam. “If you lost the f---in’ streets, it’s your fault. If you don’t go gold, it’s your fault ... I’m dedicated to tearing you down,” he added., “If you not buying no more commercial albums, hit me on Twitter right now.” Ouch!

Rosenberg reaffirmed his own comments on Hot 97 today (June 4). "Hey, I went out there, I was hosting, I was in the zone of doing real hip hop,” Rosenberg said. “I just said what came to mind and everyone made a big deal about it … now the Barbz are all hitting me and asking me to apologize," he complained. "There’s a get-me-to-apologize movement, to which I can say, I’m absolutely not apologizing because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Rosenberg explained that he'd actually been knocking Nicki for a while. “I said the same thing I’ve been saying — let’s keep it real, Nicki — I have been saying this for six months," he said. "I’m not gonna change my stance ’cause I’m at Summer Jam … I have extended the olive branch to Nicki Minaj. I have tweeted her many times. I’ve met with management. I’ve done everything I can to try to make it cool so that we could have a conversation about music," he added. "It didn’t work out ... this is hip hop,” Rosenberg griped. “She should have got on that stage and made a movie.”

The 'Starships' rapper called into Funkmaster Flex's show on Hot 97 today to address the feud between herself and the hip-hop station. Her discussion with Flex got heated, but Minaj remained poised and sassy.

"My fans didn't appreciate his comments. My fans at Summer Jam didn't appreciate his comments," Minaj continued of Rosenberg's diss. "My fans watching the live stream didn't appreciate his comments. This isn't about 2,000 people in a building that he's talking to. These are fans all over the world," she fumed. "Nicki Minaj opened that stream to kids in London, in Paris, and people who were watching that stream, that stream was posted on my website -- those requests came from your station. I posted the link to the tickets -- those requests came from your station," she noted. The Harajuku Barbie was upset that Rosenberg's comments weren't just to the concert's direct crowd, but to her Barbz worldwide.

Minaj went on to tell Flex how Lil Wayne taught her to know her worth and revealed that she was still going to take the stage -- but Weezy didn't want her to, and she came around to agree with him. She felt that there was an undertone of sexism to Rosenberg's comments since he lashed out at the only female on the bill. You can listen to the full audio below, but be warned -- some of the language is NSFW!

Watch Funkmaster Flex's Comments on Nicki Minaj at Summer Jam