'Pretty Little Liars' star and blonde beauty Ashley Benson plays the hot (if slightly unstable) ex-girlfriend in Hot Chelle Rae's 'Honestly' video, where singer Ryan Follese navigates their break up. He has to deal with not-fun stuff, like her tossing his laundry out the window, keying what she thinks is his car and showing up at a party with a hot guy in an attempt to make him jealous. Oh, young love. Overall, there's lots of drama set to light, frothy music.

The action shifts to a party scene that reminds us of 'Clueless.' If you've never seen that classic teen movie, shame on you and have at it, stat!

At the party, Follese and the rest of Hot Chelle Rae are eating cupcakes, sending suggestive texts and photos, playing drinking games like beer pong, drinking from red Solo cups and then performing. Benson shows up, after having sent lipstick-smeared sexy texts to her ex to try and entice him back to her lair, and ends up crawling on the floor. She gets a hand from Follese, who quickly introduces her (or pawns her off) on a good-looking singleton.

That's what young love is all about -- dodging bullets and getting outta dodge, to mix a metaphor. It's also about trying not to let the heartache overwhelm you. Rebound on the quick!

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