'Tis the season of countless celebrity engagements, pregnancies and secret weddings. Joining the long list of soon-to-be-married celebs are none other than Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. Perez Hilton exclusively confirmed the engagement, saying that the diamond band Nikki's been wearing on her right hand -- as opposed to the left, where people typically wear engagement rings -- was meant to throw people off.

Perez goes on to report that Nikki's divorce with her now ex-husband, Paul McDonald, was just finalized so her engagement to Ian comes at the perfect time. Nikki and Paul were married for nearly three years before ultimately ending things in 2013.

Ian was previously dating his 'Vampire Diaries' co-star, Nina Dobrev, for years before breaking up in 2013. Our favorite part of this story? Both Ian and Nikki have 'vampire' listed on their respective acting repertoires, though, it should be noted, they didn't actually work together.

We wish both Ian and Nikki all the best in their future wedding planning.