A calf born at a farm in Oklahoma is becoming internet-famous thanks to the rather timely markings on his head.

'Sweetest Little Valentine'

Wanette is a tiny town of less than 300 people, a short drive south east of Oklahoma City. It's also the home to Merchen Farms, a cattle farm with the motto "from our pasture to your plate."

A calf being born on the farm is nothing new. That's just what they do at Merchen Farms.

A calf with a heart on its head born in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, however, turned out to be a pretty big deal.

"God is so fun," Merchen Farms said in a Facebook post with photos of the calf. "Can you see it? He's our sweetest little Valentine.

Calf Given Appropriate Name

The photos of the heart-marked calf gained widespread attention from television stations in the area. Commenters on social media can't get enough of him.

"Stop it! What are we naming him? Cupid? It has to be something to do with love," Gina Lindsey asked the farm on Facebook. They took Lindsey up on her suggestion as the calf is now known as Cupid.

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While he Cupid is being celebrated for his unique marking, he actually wasn't born that way. According to KOCO, the Cupid was born just after Christmas with a white dot on his head. The owners were surprised to see the dot turn into a heart last week.

"Well, we can't eat him now, can we?" the farm asked in a follow-up post. 

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