J. Rome was named the winner of the debut season of 'Duets.' It was John Glosson who placed second. Poor Jennifer Nettles! Both of amateurs were in the Top 2, to which she said, "I am dying ... They have worked so hard and it is the best and the worst." Either way, she "won" since both of her boys made it to the top.

Nettles ran up to the stage to hug Rome, who looked dapper in his black suit and white shirt without a tie and who was met with a "J. Rome!" chant from the crowd, once his name was announced. He was left snakebitten and speechless, and couldn't even make a statement about what winning 'Duets' meant to him. He blew an air kiss to Nettles, who mentored and supported him throughout the whole competition. It was a sweet and intimate moment!

Jason Farol placed third, but as his mentor Kelly Clarkson said, it didn't matter if he won or not. The fact that he made it to the finale was good enough.

Even though Glosson came in second, we don't think we've seen the last of him either, since there is a market for what he does.

Congrats to J. Rome, who ended the season singing Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered,' as he has won a recording contract with Hollywood Records, deservedly so.

What's in question, though, is how 'Duets' will fare next season. It was not a ratings juggernaut like competing shows. However, it did respectably.

Even so, we wish J. Rome all the best in his career! We enjoyed watching him croon each week.