On tonight's (June 13) episode of 'Duets,' the superstars and amateurs were asked to pick up the pace and sing party songs. Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles and J. Rome went with Michael Jackson's 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing') while she and John Glosson did it up on 'Life is a Hightway.'

Nettles clearly has the best team assembled. Rome did a spot-on King of Pop impression, but he was not some copycat. He showed that he can mix singing and dancing at once. As in, he can actually perform! His falsetto was pitch perfect. With the loafers, single glove, white socks and Jackson grooves, he was the total package. Even John Legend was singing along in the Superstar Lounge. While the concern with party songs was that they don't allow the singers to showcase their voices, such was not the case for J. Rome.

With Glosson, Nettles wanted to show that he can have fun and while he expressed hesitation at doing a party song, his mentor reminded him that he can't just crank out ballad after ballad each week, since that'd be snoozy. She emphasized hat he has to show diversity. When they took the stage, this duo absolutely killed it. Glosson's voice is utterly top to the notch. The other judges took a bit of issue with the fact that he wasn't dancing much, but his voice is huge enough to compensate for that fact. It felt like we were watching the encore at a John Glosson gig.

We're putting money on one of Nettles' singers taking this competition.

Watch Jennifer Nettles + J. Rome Perform 'P.Y.T.'

Watch Jennfer Nettles + John Glosson Perform 'Life is a Highway'