In our final installment of 'Hanging Out With Jackie Evancho,' we go behind the scenes of the classical crossover artist's 'Awakening' album photo shoot.

"I like showing off my glamorous side," the 14-year-old prodigy announces as she poses in various angelic dresses. While she previously revealed that she does her own hair and makeup before most of her concerts, "I enjoy having my makeup and hair and done by professionals for a photo shoot," she reveals in the video above. Who doesn't love to get pampered once in a while?

And Jackie never felt more glamorous than during her photo shoot for her album 'Awakening.'

"My album shoot was especially fun 'cause we were creating images in magical worlds to reflect the music," she excitedly reveals. Considering she looks as stunning as her music, we'd say it was an epic success.

Go behind the scenes of Jackie Evancho's 'Awakening' photo shoot in the video above.