Nielsen fact-checked Donald Trump on Wednesday, January 4, after the president-elect claimed that teen performer Jackie Evancho's record sales soared following her announcement as the inauguration performer.

"Jackie Evancho’s album sales have skyrocketed after announcing her Inauguration performance. Some people just don’t understand the 'Movement,'" Trump tweeted, a claim which caused many on Twitter to call out as an exaggeration of reality.

According to the ratings system via Billboard, while sales of Evancho's studio holiday album, Someday at Christmas, have technically increased since her participation at the upcoming presidential election was revealed on December 14, the bump in sales—from 6,000 copies the week ending on December 15 to 11,000 copies the week ending December 22—likely had more to do with the holiday season than Trump's endorsement.

Christmas albums tend to sell more during... well, Christmastime, resulting in an impressive yet fleeting 94 percent gain for the young artist during that week. The album sales have since dropped back down to 8,000 — a far cry from the rumored "quadrupled" album sales some outlets reported.

"Most holiday albums receive a sales spike in the chart weeks approaching Christmas," Nielsen explained. "[During the week ending December 22,] sales of all holiday albums increased by 21 percent, and overall album sales were up 18 percent."

Meanwhile, another factor to consider is Evancho's performance on the America's Got Talent holiday special show, which aired on December 19 and was the show on which the teen star gained notice in 2010.

Now, if only Nielsen had been there to fact-check Trump during the debates...

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