Juliet Simms advanced to next week's finals on tonight's (May 1) elimination/results episode of 'The Voice,' where she will represent Team Cee Lo Green. Early on favorite Jamar Rogers was sent home as a result of the combined voting of Cee Lo and America. It's worth mentioning that Simms, a powerhouse rock vocalist who reminds us of Janis Joplin, thanks to those husky pipes, will be the sole female in the finals. So if you are all about girl power...

Before revealing that he gave Simms 60 points to Rogers' 40 points, Cee Lo, wearing a crimson handkerchief to represent Team Red, proclaimed that he would forever love both of his contestants. He was completely blown away by Simms' performance last night, which is why he swung the pendulum in her favor with the point tally. He didn't fully connect with Rogers last night, but did say that he has always been a frontrunner and favorite of America. It felt like Cee Lo was giving Simms the edge since she was the underdog and he tends to like those types. That and the fact that she can sing her lungs raw.

America did thumb the scale in Simms' favor, as she took the vote by a large margin, a well.

Simms will be the lone lady in the thick of the sausage party, er, competition, as the finals commence next week. Will she be Season 2's winner? Could be.