You really can't categorize James Franco. Sure, he's an actor, an author, and an artist... but really, he is just so much more than that—an enigma, if you will, of the Hollywood Machine, perhaps cut from a similar cloth as fellow former box office heartthrob Shia LaBeouf, who also turned his back on a mega movie franchise (in Franco's case, the Spider-Man series) in pursuit of more intellectually-stimulating/confusing art.

In true Franco form, the actor-artist and sometimes-NYU professor has announced the release of a revealing new book called—wait for it—Straight James / Gay James. And since we really can't do it justice, we'll let the book's official synopsis fill you in on its raison d'être:

"Straight James / Gay James, actor James Franco's new chapbook of poems, explores the facets of his public and private personas. Straight James / Gay James is a poetic bildungsroman--raw, candid, and uninhibited. James Franco writes about life as an actor, sexuality, questions of identity, gender, family, Gucci, Lana Del Rey, James Dean, and Hollywood. His poetic style varies from the imagistic to the prosaic. The chapbook also contains an interview of 'Gay James' conducted by 'Straight James.' Yes, Straight James asks the question: Let's get substantial: are you gay or what?"

And yes, as you can see above, Franco will touch upon his dream girl, Lana Del Rey, who also makes an interesting appearance on the book's cover as part of two faux tattoos covering the author's face. Note the fanart-esque portrait on his neck and the "Lana" script across his forehead:

Straight James / Gay James will be released on January 1, 2016, and if you stan for Franco just as much as he stans for Lana, you can preorder the "imagistic" and "prosaic" thing right here on Amazon.

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