Mazel tov, James Franco!

On Saturday October 17, the actor-artist celebrated his (mock?) bar mitzvah at the Hollywood Palladium. Presented by Funny or Die and Go90, the over-the-top fete was thrown by Hilarity For Charity co-founders Seth Rogen (Franco's real-life bestie) and wife Lauren Miller Rogen in order to benefit those suffering from Alzheimer's. Unlike many traditional bar mitzvah celebrations, the party featured an all-star line-up of celebrity pals, like comedian Bill Hader, pop star Miley Cyrus, and Jewish band (and sisters) Haim.

“I want to welcome all the Jews, semi-Jews and gentiles pretending to be Jews to get ahead in Hollywood,” Rogen, dressed as Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, joked during the introduction to the night before launching into a song from the famous musical. Later in the evening, a charity auction raked in over $2 million for the cause, and at one point Franco was treated to a (faux, of course) honorary circumcision by "rabbi" Jeff Goldblum.

The celebration also featured a rock and roll rendition of  traditional Jewish folk song "Hava Nagila," performed by Haim, during which a yarmulke-wearing Franco was lifted up on a chair.

Towards the end of the night, Miley Cyrus—dressed in a not-so-traditional blue and silver ensemble comprised of thigh-high boots and a thong leotard—performed party hits like "Superfreak" and "Shout," as well as her own party opus, "We Can't Stop." And yes, a giant blue Star of David was involved, naturally.

"This bar mitzvah represents a fresh start for me," semi-joked Franco about the celebration, adding, "Everything I did prior to this moment I didn’t do as a man but as a mere child. Therefore, any behavior that might have been questionable at any time, just know I wasn’t thinking, I was just a boy with the cognitive capacity of a minor. I want to thank you all for coming and seeing me finally become a man."

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