Jay-Z and Ludacris want to get you drunk. Well, not actually. The entrepreneurial duo have just released their commercials for their new cognac brand liqueurs.

In Jay's 60-second advert for his Barcadi D'USSÉ cognac, the rap mogul is puffing on a stogie enjoying the New York skyline as he sloooowly reaches for his glass of cognac. That's it. No sound, no tagline or anything. This ad should come with warning: "So bold it will leave you expressionless with impaired motor skills."

Meanwhile, Ludacris' commercial for his cognac brand Conjure is more upbeat and soulful. Directed by Larenz Tate, Luda is getting his drink-on at a party with friends, live music (provided by former Danity Kane singer D.Woods) and plenty of yak to go around. At the end of the clip, the dapper rapper profiles with three lovely babes in the background. "Conjure ... imagine the possibilities," Luda says before the ad fades to black.

Between the two commercials, we have to go with Ludacris' spot because it feels more exciting than Jay-Z's ad, which is just, uh, blah. On the economic side, Luda's Conjure cognac is priced between $24-27, while Hov's D'USSÉ is expensive at $45-50 a bottle.

Either way, we would like to give a toast to Jay-Z and Ludacris' entrepreneurial spirit. Cheers!

Watch Ludacris' Commercial for Conjure Cognac