Forget all those ridic rumors about Eulb Yvi. We don't need officially released photos from Beyonce and Jay-Z about Blue Ivy Carter! Why not? Because we got a song from Jay-Z, featuring little Baby Blue herself.

That's right, her cries and coos are featured in the song. Leave it to the Hova to get his daughter on a song when she is less than 48 hours old!

On his Life + Times website, Jay-Z released 'Glory' featuring B.I.C. We all know the B to the I to the C is. It was also produced by the Neptunes. Jay-Z sounds like a man completely and totally enamored by his offspring. She's daddy's little girl already!

The Hov sings, "Maybe I'll paint the sky blue / My greatest creation was you" and there is an image of the Empire State Building (nodding to 'Empire State of Mind') lit up in blue on the page where the song streams. He raps that words can't adequately describe his emotions, but he does a damn good job of getting the point across with his lyrics.

He boasts mightily, saying,  "Get ready for Part Two / A young, smarter, faster me." He references his late father, calls her a "bad a--- little Hov" and a "wicked a--- little Bey," pointing out that's "one helluva recipe." The Hov also admits, "It's hard not to spoil you rotten / Looking like me." Yep, Dad's in love.

There's some serious autobiographical material in 'Glory,' as well. It's not all boastful "This girl is gonna be Queen" stuff. Jay says that she was made in Paris, so she must have been conceived during an overseas trip -- or if you believe conspiracy theorists, that's where Bey and Jay got their surrogate mother. He also speaks about a miscarriage that was tragic, making us wondering if Bey and Jay were preggers once before and lost the baby. (And will likely get the crackpots saying that Bey can't carry a baby to term so they were forced to use a surrogate womb!)

He speaks about "last time," making it appear as though there was another pregnancy, which makes his reference to her as a "child of destiny" much more than a pun on her mother's former group. He also raps that "Mama said you dance for her," sharing an intimate detail from the pregnancy. When Blue moved in utero, it was like she danced for her mom! Aw.

At the end of the song, we hear little Baby Blue gurling and crying! It's really the sweetest thing.

The couple released a statement on their site, along with the song:

Hello Hello Baby Blue!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.
Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.
She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives.
We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

- Beyoncé & JAY Z

Listen to ‘Glory’ Feat. Blue Ivy