It was another hot opening for ‘Duets’ this week with a rock solid duet from Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and John Legend. When else will your ears be in the middle of a Nettles and Legend stereo sandwich? That’s what makes ‘Duets’ the singing competition show to watch.

These show openers are a great way to get the audience ready for a night of duets, and having the superstars kick it off probably gets everyone in the mood to love everything they hear for the rest of the night. Nettles and Legend teamed up for a fired up version of the classic Kiki Dee anthem ‘I Got the Music In Me.’ Even though it’s clear that Nettles has a hard time not overpowering the studio with her voice and her presence, she stepped back just enough make a nice blend with Legend’s voice.

The other thing we get to see when the stars sing together is just how well suited they all are for duet performances. The way they perform with one another and the way they help enhance their partners’ performances just shows how putting these four recording artists on the show was a smart choice indeed. Overall, these openers give us a chance to see these stars having the best time, which only makes us have the best time.

We’ll see how the mood changes when people start getting eliminated.