Jesse McCartney had a smash hit with 2008's 'Leavin',' which found him filling the white space left by Justin Timberlake. Well, now he's back in the form of 'Back Together,' a '70s-flavored, uptempo R&B romp. 

His latest single finds him channeling the aforementioned JT, as well as Robin Thicke, Kool and the Gang and Michael Jackson. It's a hodgepodge of R&B influences but never does McCartney sound like he is just a copy of his influences. His take on this time-honored style is fresh.

While McCartney has done some acting and released a single 'Shake' in 2010 that had some momentum, he disappeared for a minute when it came to music. He's surely making up for lost time with this retro, semi-old school pop track that plays to all of his strengths as a smoldering, leading man with a butter smooth vocal delivery.

The song allows McCartney to show off plenty of falsetto, which lives among disco-drenched beats, giving off movie montage energy and a '70s NYC urban vibe.

McCartney is said to be with an independent label now, due to shake ups at his former label Hollywood. Their loss, since he really is back with 'Back Together.' It's a sweet ode to a relationship that ended but is getting a new lease on life. That's sorta like the story of McCartney's pop music career!

Listen to Jesse McCartney, 'Back Together'