Is 2014 the year for Jesse McCartney to make his big music comeback? We sure hope so, if his new pop-funk single ‘Superbad’ is the sound he’s going for.

The 27-year-old first hit the scene nearly a decade ago with ‘Beautiful Soul,’ topping the charts with his single by the same name. The road between then and now has been rocky for the singer, including two follow-up albums that didn’t quite take off and a split from his label, Hollywood Records.

But Jesse is back with a new label, a new single, and even a new role in the biz. The singer-songwriter shared with Billboard that he founded his very own label, Eight0Eight Records, which will release his next studio album, ‘In Technicolor,’ later this summer.

In the meantime, we’ve got ‘Superbad’ to keep us excited about what’s to come on his fourth LP. The funky baseline is reminiscent of the late great Michael Jackson, and the guitars have a definite Justin Timberlake feel. Jesse chose some big names to call on for his head-bopping tune, and the influences sound great behind Jesse’s amazing vocals.

The accompanying music video starts off with a cinematic scene featuring Jesse and a total bombshell in a sweet-looking classic car. When the music starts up nearly a minute in, the pair has segued into … well, we’re not really sure. There are a lot of wardrobe changes by his love interest and awkward winking and ogling by Jesse.

Listening to the lyrics, where the grown-up pop star boasts that his girl is “super bad / That’s a fact / Knock the train right off the track / Watch out,” we think he might have been trying to show off the amazing brunette he landed. At times it feels a little cheesy, but we can appreciate that Jesse’s just trying to praise his lady.

We can totally see ‘Superbad’ being a summer hit. Welcome back, Jesse!