Does your iPod feel incomplete without a new "With You"? Does mention of "A Public Affair" send you into nostalgic hysterics? Jessica Simpson's ready to take your breath away once more.

Yesterday (September 9), in honor of the 10-year anniversary of her lifestyle brand, Simpson told TODAY she's building a studio in her own house, and that new tunes will follow closely behind. Not a moment too soon—she hasn't released an album since 2010's Happy Christmas.

"[The studio] project is almost wrapped up," she said. "I maybe have, like, three more weeks until it's done and I'm down in my basement recording."

"That's how I started, and that's always one of my biggest passions in the world...I love to use my voice," she added.

And while she's ready to get back in touch with the pop star inside, she'll happily leave the reality TV star shelved.

"That's very rear-view," she joked. "Having a camera on me at all times—we all know I stick my foot in my mouth." Somewhere, a brand ambassador for Chicken of the Sea weeps...

Finally, if you're a fan of J. Simps' shoes or accessories, you'll be pleased to know her lifestyle brand's expanding to include activewear and maternity garb. She even hopes to open her own fleet of Jessica Simpson stores, and shows no signs of stopping.

"I still think that people don't really take me completely seriously," she admitted. "Hopefully [the brand] will continue to be around ten years from now, and they can be wrong."

Ready to love Jessica's new tunes forever? Sure they'll be irresistible?

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