The world is still mourning the passing of Joan Rivers, but if reports are to be believed, the strong-willed comedian isn't done sharing her uncensored opinions yet!

According to Radar Online, Rivers wanted her personal stories be published in a book -- and they're very controversial.

“Joan requested that after she is gone that her personal diaries be turned into a book," a source told Radar, adding, "The problem is that they are having a real hard time shopping it around because of how over-the-top and defamatory it is."

Rivers is known for her unfiltered sense of humor, a quality present in her previous books, so we're not surprised that the reported project is causing some hesitation.

The insider even spilled details on what the controversial content is, telling Radar, “Joan bashes celebrities and politicians in first-hand accounts throughout her life. Among her biggest revelations is that President Barack Obama is gay, which is something that she had joked about while she was alive."

While the book has yet to be officially confirmed, we think fans would gladly partake in River's over-the-top humor one last time.