JoJo just released her new video for 'Andre,' a track that was inspired by OutKast member Andre 3000. The song appears on the pop songbird's latest mixtape, 'Agápē.'

In the clip, directed by Embryo, JoJo pays homage to men who have inspired her. We see the singer looking through some old Barry White vinyl, admiring a Michael Jordan jersey and reading a book by the Dalai Lama. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is getting ready for his art showing where he'll unveil a painting of someone who inspires him -- his boo JoJo!

"It’s not a creepy ode to being obsessed with him, FYI, but it’s just what he represents is what totally I find attractive in a man," says JoJo about song. "Someone who’s an individual, someone who’s themselves unapologetically. I just think that’s such a turn on."

Check out JoJo's inspiring new video.