Ladies and gentleman, the #Tringle has landed.

It's been four excruciatingly long years since pop powerhouse and newly emancipated songbird JoJo's last major label single ("Disaster") and nearly nine years since her last studio album, The High Road. So, really, what's one day ahead of schedule for once?

Today (August 20), at long last, Jo has made her glorious comeback in the form of a tringle, III — three singles, to be clear — ahead of her upcoming Atlantic Records debut.

"THANKFUL AND EXCITED to share these three singles with you!! Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for your support over the years. The journey is just beginning...," she promises in a note on the newly launched official website.

The tringle packs three different types of musical punches, all of which showcase the singer's thoroughly impressive vocals in a variety of styles that suit the singer nicely: There's "Say Love," a melodic tearjerker of a power ballad, "Save My Soul," an unbelievably huge, piano-led agonizer with a bone-chilling chorus ("You can't save me!") and hypnotizing chants, and "When Love Hurts," Jo's first modern foray onto the dance floor, with UK club vibes that position her as the American Jess Glynne or Karen Harding.

It's quite difficult to pick a clear standout from the bunch — thus the beauty of the tringle! — but one thing's for sure: JoJo's back and truly better than ever. That voice! The talent is simply undeniable.

Listen to the tringle over at JoJo's official website, and weigh in with your favorites in the comments below.

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