This week on 'Duets,' Kelly Clarkson sang Pink and Steven Tyler's 'Misery' with her contestant Jordan Meredith in an effort to improve her scores from last week's episode. Meredith was in the bottom two last week and everyone expected her to prove that she truly belongs on the show.


Clarkson believed that last week Meredith did not have enough moments to shine when they performed 'Stronger'. So this week Clarkson chose 'Misery' in order to showcase Meredith's voice, giving her advice to not be so sweet but to "be miserable!"

Meredith started out the performance on her own, with a slow soulful voice reminiscent of Norah Jones. Then Clarkson joined her on stage for a powerful performance.  During the number Meredith looked emotional, however obviously nervous she was. Clarkson ended the number out strong with her signature belting voice.

Host Quddus said, "I love that performance because I'm not feeling any misery!" He then asked Meredith if she felt like she had a lot to prove. Meredith responded that she felt she had to prove a little bit, to prove that she has got "something".

Judge Jennifer Nettles said that she raised her performance, while Robin Thicke commented that "The end with the big notes were not as strong as she started, but were an improvement from last week." John Legend ended the notes saying that he "loved her tone up top and only concern was a weak pitch," and that Meredith should use Clarkson as less of a "crutch." Clarkson thought that Meredith truly redeemed herself.