British neo soul diva Joss Stone isn't going let her like-minded, fellow countrywoman Adele have all the fun in 2011.

Stone, with her raspy, smoky, Janis Joplin-meets-Amy-Winehouse style voice, has released her new single, 'Somehow,' which is set to appear on her new album, 'LP1,' due out July 26. Stone's last album, 'Colour Me Free!,' was released in 2009, so it's prime time for a Joss Stone comeback.

On the song, Stone is supported by powerful backing vocalists, but overall, her voice is steering the 'Somehow' ship. The song is a little more raw and edgier than some of her previously over-polished work. It's essentially a tough love song, where Stone sings her heart out about a lover she may or may not still like.

She packs an emotional wallop into every note she sings and really, why shouldn't she? When you've got a set of pipes like Stone has, you may as well make as much use of them as possible and move those around you with your voice.

Stone's an old soul who sings like she is from another era, and the girl's got a lifetime of hard living and experience in her voice, even though she's only 24. 'Somehow' strikes the perfect balance between soul, pop and rock, with a funkdafied edge afforded by Stone's come hell or high water vocal drama.


Listen Joss Stone, 'Somehow'

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