Kanye West's much-ballyhooed film 'Cruel Summer' premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 23. A select crowd of distinguished guests attended a private screening of the movie before the general public gets a chance to view it.

The 30-minute movie was held inside a pyramid tent and shown across seven 20-foot squares. Among the celebrities in attendance included Jay-Z, the entire G.O.O.D. Music family and Yeezy's boo Kim Kardashian, who was looking gorgeous in low-cut, shimmering mini-dress.

The Guardian provided a synopsis about 'Cruel Summer':

"Made in association with the Doha Film Institute, 'Cruel Summer' stars West's G.O.O.D. Music protege Kid Cudi as a bloke of bad stock. Dad was a car thief -- Cudi's desperate not to follow in his footsteps, so instead he walks through a sparkly purple door into the middle of the desert. Men on horseback arrest him. He's taken to a palace full of fruit. A blind girl plucks a giant guitar string. Cudi's wrapped in bandages. A hawk flies. In, ultra, slow, motion. Cudi resolves to cure his love of her blindness. The cure for blindness is a remix of a song by Coldplay."

According to NYMag, it took West two and half months to put his vision together and four days of filming, which included 100 extras, 20 camels and several Lamborghinis. Apparently, the movie is still in the editing process and will be re-edited when it hits theaters stateside. He equated filming 'Cruel Summer' as a giant leap from his first 30-minute flick 'Runaway' in 2010.

West on his vision for 'Cruel Summer':

"I'm not the best director in the world or anything like that, but I had an idea. I could dream of one day this being the way that people watch movies, in this form where it surrounds you and people want to go back and see it more and more because they missed something else to the left and missed something else to the right, and it felt more like the experience of life. Like, the first time you come to Cannes, you look at this way and you look that way and you look up."

The reason why I went so hard at this is that I want to work on cities. I want to work on amusement parks and I want to change what entertainment experiences are like and [make movies] that have the same entertainment value of a Cirque du Soleil or Walt Disney or something like that. That's my goal."

Afterward, moviegoers were treated to an after-party, which featured performances from Cudi, Big Sean and Pusha T, who is currently making enemies here in the United States.

So what did Jay-Z think of West's movie 'Cruel Summer'? "Amazing!" he told NYMag.

Hopefully, fans will be able to see this extraordinary movie when it arrives in theaters here in the United States.

Watch Kanye West + Kim Kardashian at the 'Cruel Summer' Premiere at Cannes