It's a rap feud at DefKanye 5 levels!

Kanye West and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel engaged in an epic battle that started on Kimmel's show when he innocently spoofed West's hour-long, ultra-serious BBC chat, re-enacting it with kids.

It spilled into the digital sphere when West went nuclear on Twitter, firing off tweets. The battle popped back up on TV during Kimmel's monologue last night (Sept. 26). Strap yourself in. This is a bumpy ride.

West started it, since he was not pleased about Kimmel's joke at his expense and lost his mind on Twitter, ALL CAPS style. Kimmel, on the other hand, continued to make light of the situation in 140 characters, replying to West's tweets in comic fashion.

You can watch the spoof video below, since that's where it started.

Now, here are the tweets. Some have photos with bad words, which you can see here.

'Ye's train of thought is not clear to us.

Then Kanye got nasty and attacked Kimmel's manhood, tweeting: "JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD P---Y IN YOUR LIFE…"

Then he referenced a wedding of someone they both know. Why this matters, we're not sure. It was later clarified that it was a friend's wedding, not a family member's wedding. But notice West says he likes Kimmel. WTF is going on in his cranium?

Then Yeezy drug Ben Affleck into it, due to Kimmel's famous "I'm F--king Ben Affleck' and 'I'm F--king Matt Damon' bits, posting: "SHOULD I DO A SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE OR YOU FUCKING BEN AFFLECK…‪#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK ‪#ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL!!!!" We guess Yeezy is stoked about Affleck playing Batman. Just sayin'.

And then West revealed he called Kimmel to hash it out and clarify that wedding thing, which made no linear sense, writing: "WHO YOU MADE IT CLEAR TO ME WASN'T YOUR FAMILY WHEN I WAS ON THEN PHONE WITH YOU 5 MINUTES AGO, YOU MANIPULATIVE MEDIA MUTHERF--KER."

Next, West drug Kimmel's ex-girlfriend into it.

Kimmel's goofy replies are below:

During his opening monologue last night, Kimmel didn't sidestep the beef. He actively and openly discussed it.

Referring to the phone call, Kimmel revealed, “He told me I had two choices – #1 Apologize publicly. And that was really the only choice." Kimmel also said West suggested that it would be better for him if he did apologize.

Like, really? The bit was not offensive. It was funny. As Ducky says in 'Pretty in Pink': "It's called a sense of humor. You should get one. They're nice." We're talking to you, Yeezy.

Even Kimmel himself seemed incredulous that West was so incensed. "I don’t know why he’s angry. The bit was pretty innocuous."

Well, hey, at least Kimmel had the rap feud he's always wanted. It's safe to say that North West won't be making her live TV debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

We're firmly Team Kimmel on this one. 'Ye, lighten up, bro! It's a joke!