Kim Kardashian-West is reportedly upset that Kanye West publicly revealed they considered having an abortion when she first became pregnant with their daughter North.

The rapper spoke about their private life during his South Carolina presidential rally over the weekend. West spoke about abortion and his idea for a "maximum increase" that would incentivize couples to have children.

"I almost killed my daughter," he told the crowd, according to Elle. "My girlfriend called me screaming, crying. I’m a rapper. And she said, 'I’m pregnant.' She was crying ... Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into this world, when I did not want to. She stood up, and she protected that child."

West also shared that his own father considered abortion when his mother became pregnant with him.

"My dad wanted to abort me," he said. "My mom saved my life. There would have been no Kanye West, because my dad was too busy."

He then explained his idea for a "maximum increase" if he was elected into office. "The maximum increase would be everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something in that range," he explained. "If you had the opportunity to be given a million dollars, just for being pregnant, would you have considered it? And then everybody would start having children, the greatest gift of life."

A source told Entertainment Tonight on Monday (July 20) that Kardashian, along with West's family and friends, are worried about him. The source also revealed that the reality star was hurt by her husband's comments.

"Kanye isn’t in a good place and isn’t listening to anyone trying to talk him into getting help," the source told the outlet. "Kim is upset with Kanye for his rants yesterday, especially talking about the possibility of having an abortion and not giving birth to North. She knows this is something North will see when she gets older and that’s heartbreaking."

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