Take a tour of tattoo artist and singer Kat Von D's new 147-year-old haunted mansion in Vevay, Ind. The house is known as the Schenck Mansion and was built in 1874.

In 1817, the Schenck family moved from Switzerland to Indiana, and the father, Ulysses P. Schenck, went on to become a successful businessman. The Shenck Mansion was built in 1874 for Ulysses P. Shenck's son, Benjamin Franklin Schenck. Benjamin only spent two years in the Second Empire-style home before he passed away.

Von D has decided to close her Hollywood tattoo shop for good and move into the Schenck Mansion, stating that she feels more at home in Indiana than in L.A. The tattoo star recently purchased the mansion for $1.5 million is moving there at the end of the year.

Here's a look at Kat Von D's mansion in Indiana, which is allegedly haunted by numerous spirits.

Take a Tour: Kat Von D's New 147-Year-Old Haunted Indiana Mansion

Take a tour of Kat Von D's new 147-year-old haunted mansion in Vevay, Indiana. The Schenck Mansion was built in 1847, has 35 rooms, and sits on over 10 acres.

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