It appears as though other pop stars enjoy Katy Perry's latest hit 'Wide Awake' as much as we do! The first-ever 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson recently performed the song while on tour. Clarkson is known to have her fans request songs she should perform, and Katy Perry's tune must have been on top of that list.

During a concert in Concord, Calif. on July 25, the 'Idol' alum performed a rendition of Perry's latest hit -- but leave it to Clarkson to change things up just a tad. The band began playing an acoustic version of the song, and the singer was met with deafening applause when she sang the song's opening line, "I'm wide awake." And while Perry's version of the song is a bit heart-wrenching itself, this stripped-down acoustic version tips it over the edge.

If you plan on seeing Clarkson live and want to hear a song, make sure you tweet the singer @Kelly_Clarkson with the artist name, song title, and hashtag #KCrequests. Her next stop is Vegas (baby!), where she'll be performing at the Cosmopolitan, followed by a couple more performances in California (one at the famed Hollywood Bowl in L.A.). You can check out her latest tour dates here.