Kelly Clarkson decided to ditch a big, high maintenance, time-consuming, flashy, media-hounded wedding ceremony in favor of eloping with fiancé Brandon Blackstock. It's not a shotgun wedding, either. She is not pregnant and rushing to the altar, despite speculation.

Calm down, peeps! Can't a girl want an intimate, quiet affair with her boo without everyone rushing to judgment or conclusion about her motives?

It's ridic to think that she is getting hitched in such stripped down fashion because she is expecting. Remember, Clarkson has always been the anti-celeb and the anti-pop star, so her choice to eschew the splashy, high-profile nuptials in favor of low key ones is in keeping with her personality.

She tweeted to let everyone know that there is no bun in her oven.

End. Of. Story.

Clarkson's tweet is below. We love when she shows her Texas sass and puts people in their place about their suspicions.

Congrats again to Clarkson and Blackstock. We applaud their decision to have a wedding in keeping with their tastes and that makes them happy. But we still want to see pictures of the dress when they do swap vows.