If you thought Christ was most alive on Sunday morning in a Baptist church, you haven't heard Kelly Clarkson and a choir belt the merits of casual drug use or erotic rendezvous at chain hotels on late-night television.

The Queen of Covers stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on last night's (August 18) show to sing her latest single, "Invincible." To supplement the self-empowerment anthem, she applied her soulful voice and a chirpy piano to the most suspect Tinder profiles Kimmel's team could dig up —which addressed hairless cats and foot fetishes, just to skim the surface.

In the clip above, Kelly and her three singers ease the audience into the show with a slow, lovely rendition of Danielle, 29's "Just looking for someone to take me to a Celine Dion concert. I'm 5'9"." The arrangement is a thing of beauty; the style, timeless.

Still, a show can't survive on a single tune alone, and when the Grammy-winner gets the sense that the audience is game for a more upbeat number, she turns to the classic Alvin, 32 hit "I have a foot fetish and willing to pay for your mani pedi nails." That one certainly takes us back.

Finally, for the cheap seats in the back, the Tinder troubadours dig deep for a cover of Justine, 25's "I love my hairless cat, baking cookies and smoking blunts" that would have Stephen Sondheim racing to the studio with contracts in-hand. Kelly, just when we thought you couldn't take us any higher...

Gather round as Kelly & Co. take you to right-swiping church in the clip above.

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