Was the concept behind Kelly Rowland's 'Down for Whatever' music video stolen from another video? Some are asking the question after noticing the similarities between Rowland's new clip and the video for 'Believer' by the Freemasons featuring Wynter Gordon.

Honestly, we're not sure the evidence is very convincing. Both are bright videos with quick cuts that match the up-tempo pace of the dance tracks. They alternate between close-ups of the singers and wider shots of dancers. But they both look like typical dance videos. There's nothing so stylistically unique about 'Believer' that makes 'Down for Whatever' an obvious ripoff.

If there were huge similarities, we'd point the blame at the music video director, since the director often comes up with the video concept. But in this case, Idolator notes, Sarah Chatfield helmed both clips, so if anything, Chatfield is copying herself. Rowland probably shouldn't take too much heat over this; it seems like much ado over nothing.

'Down for Whatever' was co-produced by RedOne and serves as the final track on Rowland's 'Here I Am' album, which also includes the hit 'Motivation.'

Take a look at the two videos in question below.

Watch Kelly Rowland's 'Down for Whatever' Video

Watch the Freemasons' 'Believer' Feat. Wynter Gordon