Sean Paul teams up with velvety-voiced Kelly Rowland on his latest single, 'How Deep Is Your Love.' (No, it's not a Bee Gees cover!) Paul has described the midtempo come-on song as "definitely a dance hall track," and he's right on the money.

The track opens with synths and an "oh whoa-oh-oh" hook that kicks in just before the beat drops. Paul's signature lightning-speed rhymes are in full force here, rapping so fast it's hard to make out a lot of his verses -- he's so quick that it's almost exhausting to keep up with him. It's safe to say he's trying to woo Rowland, as one of the clearest enunciated lines is "Girl, you are the hottest thing around here."

Rowland's smooth vocals put the listener at ease when she takes over for the hook. "How deep is your love / How deep does it go" she implores the lucky gent. "How deep is your love / Let's explore / How deep is your love / How deep does it go / 'Cause mine run down to the ocean floor."

Paul goes back to work until Rowland takes over on the bridge. "I don't wanna be the chick / that you call in the middle of the night / that you share your bed with," she sings. You tell 'em, Kel! Rowland lets her voice soar for the end of the bridge into the end of the next chorus, evoking her massive collaboration with David Guetta, 'When Love Takes Over.'

'How Deep' will appear on Paul's new album, Tomahawk Technique, scheduled to hit shelves Jan. 30. The track is a catchy, mellow, but ultimately forgettable listen that lacks the catchiness we're used to hearing from both stars -- but we could still easily hear this on heavy rotation. We're just spoiled because we know what they're capable of!

Listen to Sean Paul 'How Deep Is Your Love' Feat. Kelly Rowland