Drink of Choice: Jungle Juice
Party Location: An abandoned warehouse party.

Kesha is sleazy and when you're looking for a good party, this quality comes in handy. If wanna have a wild time, we know K-Dollar Sign would steer us clear of any parties where the words hor d'oeuvres, Chardonnay or coat check would even be muttered.

Best of all, we bet a pre-game with Kesha includes the typical drinking and then a rousing shot of Jack Daniels, but you surely don't use a shot glass -- you're obviously brushing your teeth with it.

Kesha is such a well-known partier there's actually an entry on Urban Dictionary for 'Kesha Party.' One excerpt reads, "A wild and crazy night where everyone involved acts as their Kesha spirit animal urges them to."

Well, that's it, if Urban Dictionary says it's true, then we have to believe it, too!