Grandpa Rock?

Kid Rock is going to be a first-time grandfather, Us Weekly reports. The 'American Bad Ass' singer's son Bobby Ritchie, Jr. is reportedly expecting a child with his girlfriend.

Forty-three-year-old Kid Rock -- whose real name is Robert James Ritchie -- raised his son almost entirely on his own, winning a custody battle against his ex-girlfriend (and Bobby's mom) Kelley South Russell in 2000. And though he admitted to making some mistakes along the way, it's clear that the rocker takes his role as a parent seriously -- just as long as it doesn't taint his badass reputation.

"Make no mistake," Rock joked to Esquire in 2011, "Bob Ritchie’s up early in the morning taking pictures of his son on the first day of his senior year. Kid Rock is passed out in a hotel room somewhere with four scantily clad women.”

Bobby Ritchie, Jr., 21, and his girlfriend are reportedly expecting a baby girl. The little girl will be the first child for Bobby and the first grandchild for Kid Rock.

Congratulations to Kid Rock and his family!