Kit Harington believes that he understands the struggle of being a beautiful actor trying to make it in Hollywood all too well.

The Game of Thrones star recently called out the film industry for its “sexism towards men,” as if that is something that exists, denouncing the objectification he feels when vying for television and film roles — something women have been dealing with since the film industry's inception, and will likely be dealing with forevermore.

“I think there is a double standard,” Harington said in an interview with The Sunday Times. “If you said to a girl, ‘Do you like being called a babe?’ and she said, ‘No, not really,’ she’d be absolutely right.

“I like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks,” he continued. “It’s demeaning."

While Harington admits that he was probably chosen for certain roles because of his looks, he still insists he is a victim of sexism against men.

"Yes, in some ways you could argue I’ve been employed for a look I have," he said. "But there’s a sexism that happens towards men. There’s definitely a sexism in our industry that happens towards women, and there is towards men as well…At some points during photoshoots when I’m asked to strip down, I felt that.”

It’s not the first time Harington’s expressed similarly obtuse comments. Last year he admitted in an interview with Page Six, “To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning."

“It really is and it’s in the same way as it is for women. When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty, it can be quite offensive,” he said. "Well, it’s not just men that can be inappropriate sexually; women can be as well. I’m in a successful TV show in a kind of leading man way and it can sometimes feel like your art is being put to one side for your sex appeal. And I don’t like that.”

After receiving a far amount of backlash for those comments, Harington told Good Morning America last year, "I've kind of decided I'm going to be a good little hunk and shut up.”

But the injustice suffered by good looking, white male actors everywhere proved too much, and Kit Harington could stay quiet no longer.

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