Nelly Furtado hasn't dropped an album since her 2009 Spanish effort 'Mi Plan' (and before that, the Timbaland-produced 'Loose' in 2006). While she continues work on the follow-up, the Grammy-winning vocalist has lent her voice to 'Is There Anybody Out There,' an infectious new track by Somali-born rapper K'naan.

K'naan is known for recording politically-charged songs, but 'Is Anybody Out There' is a song with a more universal message about self-assurance and getting through times of struggle with the help of others. As piano and strings create a colorful musical foundation, K'Naan raps, "Something 'bout Mary, never won a pageant / Never felt pretty, never looked like Cameron / Diaz was her last name, always been abandoned / Keep your head up baby girl, this your anthem."

Furtado provides the sing-along hook, "I don't wanna be left in this war tonight / Am I alone in this fight / Is anybody out there / Don't wanna be left, left in this world behind / Say you'll run to my side / Is anybody out there."

Structurally, 'Is There Anybody Out There' is a typical rap-song-with-pop-chorus offering, but it stands above the rest with its positive message and a hook we'll be humming for a long time. The song lives on K'naan's latest EP, 'More Beautiful Than Silence.' Furtado's next album is due later this year.


Watch the Lyric Video for K'naan, 'Is There Anybody Out There' Feat. Nelly Furtado