Calling Nev and Max from MTV's 'Catfish': Kreayshawn has a crazy story for you!

The rapper revealed to fans this week on her YouTube vlog (via Vice) that she got catfished by someone pretending to be superstar producer Diplo for several years, but that she didn't realize the truth until recently.

Kreayshawn (real name Natassia Gail Zolot) begins the story as follows: In 2008, she found out about Diplo's label, Mad Decent, and the label's blog around the time she began learning to edit videos. In 2009, one of her videos was chosen as a featured Fan Video for the Mad Decent blog.

After her video was featured on Mad Decent's blog, she then got an e-mail from someone claiming to be Diplo. Kreayshawn reveals that she communicated with this guy for years until 2011 and that he actually began sending her nudes.

Fast forward to 2014, when Kreayshawn revisited her old e-mail account and found the pictures of what were supposed to be NSFW photos of Diplo. As a joke, she reached out to Diplo on Twitter and joked about the pics. A back and forth exchange between the two revealed that the e-mail she was corresponding to did not match up with Diplo's real e-mail account. As a result, she learned that she never really corresponded with the real Diplo.

The strangest part, she says, is that the e-mails from the fake Diplo actually had a profound effect on her life. "These e-mails really inspired me," she says. "There were a whole lot of inspirational things, like, 'Your videos are tight. Maybe one day, you can work with me.' And I'm thinking, all of this stuff was the driving point for me to get out to LA and... go to film school, and take this film s--- seriously because Diplo believes in me!"

"At the end of the day, whoever this troll is ended up inspiring my whole career," she continues.

Even though Kreayshawn ended up meeting the real Diplo in person, and he ended up producing her 2012 album, 'Something 'Bout Kreay,' the truth never really clicked until she reached out to him on Twitter earlier this week on July 12.

Crazy, right? Click on Kreayshawn's video above to hear her entire story.

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