No Lady Gaga song list would be complete without the immensely successful and sexual innuendo-filled ‘Poker Face.’ The number had us all dancing our hearts out back in 2008 -- and in 2012, it still holds up strong as one of our favorite Lady Gaga tunes.

With its repetitious, robotic hooks of "ma ma ma ma's" and "oh oh oh oh oh's," this enigmatic club banger about bluffin with ones muffin is still one of Gaga's most popular and addictive hits. It quickly climbed the Billboard charts, a common theme with her releases, and stayed on the Hot 100 list for 40 weeks.

Like most Gaga songs, this uptempo jam will undoubtedly make you move your feet. Even if you aren't a dancer, we bet you can't resist this piece of pop perfection.

Watch the Lady Gaga 'Poker Face' Video