There's only 24 hours in a day, and only so many singles that Lana Del Rey can release from her gorgeous new record, Honeymoon.

The stunning singer dropped her jazzy, noir-ish effort last Friday, full of lush strings and heaven-sent harmonies, from "Terrence Loves You" to "Swan Song" — oh, and plenty of incredible Lana Del Rey-isms too. Soft ice cream with Salvatore, anyone?

After breaking out the big guns and shooting down that pesky paparazzo in her fantastic "High By The Beach" video, as well as going for a dip and shimmering like a diamond in the upcoming, shadowy looking video for "Music To Watch Boys To," what's a girl supposed to do next?

That's what we want to know: Ground control to Major Tom, which song do you want to hear all night long?Take your pick below! (We're including the promo singles too, including "Honeymoon" and "Terrence Loves You," as they weren't given videos or remixes or anything like that.)

The winning song will be revealed right here on Monday, September 28 at 5 PM ET.

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