Lana Del Rey appears on a new hip-hop influenced track with the KickDrums and A$AP Rocky. A portion of the song, called 'Ridin,' was released online this week.

Del Rey sing-raps, "Pick me up after school, you could be my baby / Maybe we could go somewhere, get a little crazy." She continues, "I'm delicious to the maximum / Chew it up like bubble gum / I'm his pretty party favor / He says I'm his favorite flavor."

Pitchfork had reported the track would appear on KickDrums' new mixtape 'Follow the Leaders,' but that is no longer the case. The KickDrums pulled the track from the mixtape at the last minute, explaining on Twitter:

'Ridin' is a new style for Del Rey, whose album 'Born to Die' debuted at No. 2 earlier this year. She'll be performing a series of summer concerts in New York and Los Angeles.

Listen to a Preview of KickDrums' 'Ridin' Feat. Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky