Lana Mania rages on! Lana Del Rey engaged in a video chat with RNB Junk while in Milan, Italy, where she offered a bit of a peak into what makes the girl born Lizzy Grant tick. One declaration she made? "I f----ing love Eminem." Why? Because he taught her that music can have intellect and be from a real place.

Del Rey looks uncomfortable in front of the camera and comes across as a bit shy, brushing those thick auburn locks out of her eyes in nervous habit fashion. She did the same on 'SNL,' so maybe that’s just how she is when the camera is on her.

She does mention that she is more concerned about how her vocals sound in her live performances and that supercedes the "show" and her movements, since she is trying to capture the sound people hear on the album.

LDR reveals that her producers would add "heavier, fat beats" and "soundscaping" to her songs to bring them to life, and that included things like adding sounds of screaming kids at a swimming pool to 'Off to the Races.' When she calls her music "very real," she averts her gaze from the camera and chuckles, as if she doesn't believe what she is saying. She follows that statement up, saying, "The lyrics are autobiographical and it's personal." We're not doubting that; we just wish LDR believed it or acted like she does.

She shared that when she first moved to New York City at 18, "I would take the train down to the beach and walked around the boardwalk for hours and wrote songs. I didn't know anyone yet, I would sing into my phone. I couldn't believe the ocean was so close to the city. It was beautiful. Those are inspirations for my record -- beautiful places."

In the second clip, she utters her expletive Eminem quote. She said that when she discovered the rapper, "It changed my life. I found out music could be intelligent. He wasn't just rhyming for rhyme's sake." Del Rey also said explained how she can be influenced by both Em and Ol' Blue Eyes – Frank Sinatra-- summing it effectively by saying, "Eminem is the master of lyrics whereas Frank Sinatra is the master of vocals... I f----ing love Eminem."

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