It Girl Lana Del Rey made her 'Saturday Night Live' debut last night (Jan. 14), offering up soulful, seductive renditions of 'Video Games' and 'Blue Jeans.' While Del Rey's heavily hyped 'Born to Die' doesn't even land until Jan. 31, the chanteuse has already made her debut on a major stage with all eyes on her. Wanna know how she did?

Well, she nailed it with the hammer that is her voice. While many artists wait years to land an 'SNL' booking, Del Rey's deafening buzz pushed her to the front of the 'SNL' line and made it impossible to wait for her album to land!

Dressed in a bone-colored, floor-sweeping, lace column dress, with her thick shock of red hair blown out and hanging loosely in waves, she looked as sultry as she sounded. The show's young, male viewership was undoubtedly lured to Del Rey's lair with these romantic performances. With overhead lights shining down on her, she was a vision of a goddess. She swayed back and forth while singing, dusting her hair out of her eyes with her hand and flipping it off her shoulders suggestively. She also rubbed her palms over parts of her body. It was softly erotic.

Del Rey performed 'Video Games' first and returned to perform the equally torchy 'Blue Jeans,' in the same figure hugging dress while sharing her unforgettable, unshakeable voice. She whipped her hair around a bit this time, too, and slinked across the stage.

Del Rey did look a little nervous after each song, and we can't say we blame her. This was a high pressure appearance. She is the talk of the music industry and this performance would let pop culture watchers know if she is all hype or if she is the real thing.

Now do you get what all the fuss is about? These two performances are subtle and powerful enough to convert fence sitters and the curious to full-fledged believers at the First Church of Del Rey.

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Video Games'

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Blue Jeans'