The first official single from the 'Paradise' edition reissue of Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' is 'Ride,' a melancholy, maudlin, murky and moody song. So yes, it's like much of Del Rey's surprisingly prolific catalog, since you know, new tracks leak with incredible frequency.

On 'Ride,' LDR's voice is deep, like that of an old woman who has smoked two packs a day for far too long, in the opening verses. It has a lived-in quality, one marred by experience, drama and trauma, so there is passion there.

The song is very noirish in tone, thanks to simple but rich piano melody, which lends an air of mystery, but it's also quite depressing, especially when she sings, "Don't break me down / I've been traveling too long / I've been trying too hard."

There's plenty of build up to more complex, full instrumentation as the song develops.

Since tons of Del Rey songs have leaked in the past few months and we've had lots of LDR material to pour over, we have to say that we've heard better from her, and we're not sure why this one has been chosen as a single when there were better candidates.

When she sings "Just ride" over and over in the chorus, in a softer, sultrier tone, we're not exactly inspired to hop on a Harley and hit the open road and see what awaits us or what's in store. It actually makes us want to curl up into a fetal position and feel sorry for ourselves.

Del Rey's husky voice transforms as the song moves forward, and she hits the high, almost falsetto notes in the fading moments of the song.

Overall, the song would fit the end credits of an indie movie. It's the overwhelming shoegazing sadness of the song that bums us out and makes us like it less than other LDR tracks.

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Ride'